Whoopsie Pies

This apple dessert is less whoopie, and more whoopsie.  Unless you mean, “Whoopie!  They all melted together into one lumpy   Read More »


Jive Turkey

Nothing says you are thankful for the year’s blessings like an earthworm with a rainbow Afro and Orthodox Jewish sideburn   Read More »

cake pops good

Pinterest Pop Fail

Pretty pink pops perfectly poised in a pleasing presentation. A number of nauseating nuggets nestled nastily.  Nailed it! Pinterest Pop   Read More »


French Toasted

Sacrebleu!  Zee French Toast.  Eet is ruined! Let them eat cake, instead. French Toasted


Macaron Monday: Flat and Floppy

Macarons seem to be magnets for cookfails, so we are instituting Macaron Mondays.  Get your weekly dose of petite, colorful,   Read More »


Nailed It???

These sugar cookies look like witch fingers. I’d totally get the creeps if one ran down my neck . .   Read More »


Truffle Trouble

This is how truffles exist in a  two dimensional world.  I do not want to go to there. Truffle Trouble


Lay Down a Short Bundt

Either there was something seriously wrong with this cake recipe or she set out to make the saddest Mickey Mouse   Read More »

Happy International Coffee Day

When Coffee Smiles At You

You know it’s going to be a good day. Of course, mine looks like a bit of an overexcited clown,   Read More »

Rotten banana muffins

Rotten Banana Muffins

Usually rotten bananas make for great muffins, but this time the banana muffins themselves turned out pretty rotten.  The irony!   Read More »